Day 23: Favorite villain [classic and new]

Classic:  The Meddling Monk.  What a BAMF.  I still really want him to come back and cause some shenanigans.

New:  Rosanna Calvierri.  Also a BAMF, and has a fabulous dress, and weird awkward chemistry with her son that makes me want to ship them even though that’s so wrong.  But hey, they’re fish from space, anything goes.

Day 23- Favorite villain? [classic and new]


The Silence.

I am fascinated by the idea that there is a creature in this world that as soon as you look away from you cannot remember it, because as far as we know, this being could actually exist. We could all have seen these creatures many times and not even know. It’s a haunting idea but a brilliant one all the same.

If a villain could ever be applied to a real life situation it’s always a winner in my eyes, and that’s why the weeping angels are my runners up.

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Day 23: Favorite villain [classic and new]

I just really like the Daleks, okay.  I love the way they look, the way they sound, the  way they’re pure evil who will destroy anything different.  I love that they will never die, I love that they fit perfectly with anthropological monster theory.  I love that they will never give up until they are the only life forms in the universe, I love that to them, that’s not evil, that’s perfection.   I love that they’ve been around since 1963 and are still terrifying.

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Eleven - Hot in herre


You can sacrifice the 38 seconds needed to watch this video. It is one of the purest concentrations of hilarious and amazing I have ever come across.


30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who

Day 22: What is your favorite Who-related video on YouTube?

The above video, made not by me , but a AngelLoverGirl24.

Of course, I can’t just pick one. No, really, I mean it.

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30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who :: Day Twenty-Two :: What is Your Favorite Who-Related Video on Youtube?

Doctor Who Tribute - His Name is ‘The Doctor’

Goosebumps every time. Perfection itself.

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Lauren Cooper and Doctor Who clash in class


Day 22: What is your favorite Who-related video on YouTube?

This will probably remain my absolute favorite video. However, I wouldn’t “like” a Who-related video on YouTube if I didn’t love it. :)

Babelcolour Trailer: The Beginning


30 days of summer break doctor who- day 22- what is your fave who related video on youtube:

Babelcolour trailer: the beginning. If any fan is wondering whether to start at the beginning than this trailer of the beginning’s box set is a good thing to watch, its epic and brilliant and carefully shows u the best of the first ever story, the first ever dalek story and the first ever story to explore the TARDIS being ‘alive’. We’ve seen these eps so many times but now have urge to re-watch as this vid of where Doctor who began sends chills down your spine…please watch and enjoy.

Doolally Who


Day 22: What is your favorite Who-related video on YouTube?

Babelcolour’s Doolally Who. His description reads “It’s exactly why I love the show so much :)” and that really says it all. This is such a wonderful light-hearted look at the sillier moments in the series. No horrifying monsters, no explosions, just Whofolk from all eras of the show making weird noises and funny faces to a whimsical little tune that won’t leave your head for hours.

Fine Bros: Doctor Who: 47 Years in 6 Minutes


Day 22: What is your favorite Who-related video on YouTube?

This video made me laugh. It was quite apt and in 6 minutes. How else would we explain this terrific show to anyone?

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in the skin of the universe |Eleven/Amy|


30 Days of Summer Break with Doctor Who

Day 22: What is your favorite Who-related video on YouTube?


Day 21 - Post your favorite Who-related photo or Gif.


Well, I use this one a lot:

But I also really like this one:

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30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who - Day 21


Day 21 - Post your favourite Who-related photo or GIF (or graphic)

Okay, there’s no way I could pick just one of these things - I have too many favourites.  And going through my collections, I can’t even just pick one Doctor.  So here’s one photo, one gif and one graphic for each new series Doctor.  (If I’ve used any of yours, please let me know so I can credit your awesomeness.  Seriously.)




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