Team TARDIS: Five + Adric + Nyssa + Tegan 

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"I hope not. That could produce some unpleasant dimensional anomalies."

Doctor Who: Logopolis

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TARIDS interiors: bedrooms

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Tegan and Nyssa and Adric and The Doctor in ‘Logopolis’

Tegan and Nyssa and Adric and The Doctor in ‘Logopolis’

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A Companion to the Doctor’s Companions: Adric

Sadly the tale of Adric ends with tragedy, which does rather undercut all the griping about how annoying a companion he could be. In the middle of another ruck with Cybermen, Adric finds himself stranded on a space-ship headed directly to Earth, the controls of which are locked by a logic puzzle. Cometh the hour, cometh the geek, and Adric sets to work, finishing in good time to save the day. But does he? No.

Here’s that final scene. Weird to think you used to be able to grapple with Cybermen, eh?

Anglophenia continues their companion series with a post on Adric

[Commence small break from thinking about the Doctor’s hair in the finale pics.]

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