Thank you Doctor Who Tumblr for the Bart Simpson mask as previously owned and worn by MATT SMITHI was so psyched I won the crossover cosplay!!! Of course I couldn’t resist trying it on just once (it was surprisingly small, I have no idea how he fit his chin in there) but now it shall remain a part of my Matt Smith shrine forever just kidding.

Remember when we had that contest to win Matt Smith’s Bart Simpson mask from Comic Con

Congratulations again on winning, sempiternal-ecdemomania!

Entires are CLOSED for the Win-Matt-Smith’s-Bart-Simpson-Mask-in-the-Doctor-Who-Tumblr-#Crossover-Cosplay-Contest…contest.

Soon one of you will be face-to-face (by proxy) with Matt Smith’s face, and that’s totally NOT weird because Matt Smith said so sorta.

We saw many entries over the past few days and want to thank all of our Sailor-Moon-Despicable-Me-Futurama-Green-Lantern-Jack-Skellington-Doctor-Who fans for entering.

A winner will be announced TOMORROW so thank you for indulging us stay tuned!

[Matt Smith walks the floor at San Diego Comic Con]

(Source: darlingcap)

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