David Tennant and Matt Smith are tied as my favorite doctors. I love them both to pieces. They are both amazing!

One favorite Doctor… Or two… Or eleven of them!


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"I&#8217;ll teach you to steal my fangirls.&#8221;

"I’ll teach you to steal my fangirls.

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Favorite Doctor


It’s so hard to choose…they’re all so perfect for different reasons.

but alas…..

he’s just so perfect…and he the man..

and only 11 has these incredible dance moves…

and he’s a trendsetter.


The 10th Doctor

I think of Nine fondly, Eleven has grown on me and I adore him but, Ten, Ten will always be my Doctor (with Eleven as a close second). And what’s not to love? He’s brilliant, funny, nerdy, sweet, energetic and that HAIR. Dear God, that hair. He’s a bit of a ham but hey, I kind of dig that.

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Day 01:

Favorite Doctor

The Tenth Doctor will always have a special place in my heart. The Ninth was my first Doctor, but the Tenth is MY Doctor. He’s the one who really made me love the show. I cried hardcore when he regenerated into Matt…not that I don’t love him too. Just not as much.

I do love Christopher’s “fantastic,” and heart-warming Doctor, and Matt’s quirky, Raggedy-Man. But Tennant’s cavalier, rude Doctor will be my favorite forever.


Day 1 -

Favorite Doctor

Matt Smith 

About a year ago, if someone had asked me this, I probably would’ve said David Tennant, with Matt Smith as a close second. After the last season, though, I think they’ve flipped. Smith won me over with his ancient-nine-year-old attitude. I absolutely LOVE how he can be so childish and so old and knowing at the same time; not only is it a testament to the Doctor’s character, but also to Smith’s wonderful acting.

And his face—from a completely non-fangirl perspective, it’s beautiful. Not necessarily attractive, but beautiful. His eyes are so expressive. Just one look from them can make you grin like a doofus or cry like it’s Reichenbach. And that, to me, that pure emotion, is gorgeous.

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