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Can we just spare a moment for our Brigadier?


Here’s to you, sir. Here’s to you.

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I’m afraid Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart passed away a few months ago. It was very peaceful. Talked a lot about you, if that’s any comfort. Always made us pour an extra brandy in case you came round one of these days.


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Can we appreciate the fact that Moffat got a lovely moment for the brigadier in there


RIP Nicholas Courtney. 

Moffat also described the finale as the ‘maddest episode ever’ and ‘loads of fun’, with a host of characters set to make a comeback including Winston Churchill and creepy villains The Silence.

The show will also feature a tribute to late actor Nicholas Courtney, who played The Brigadier in 107 episodes across more than 20 years before his death in February.

The doctor will be told of his death in a nursing home, with Moffat saying: ‘In a story about the Doctor going to his death, it seemed right and proper to acknowledge one of the greatest losses Doctor Who has endured.

Metro, September 30, 2011

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