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Matt Smith: God, I think Karen brings so much of herself to the role as Amy; all that sort of mad, cookie energy that she has in her life.

Just Karen-ness, Karen madness and that feisty Scottish Inverness, “Don’t mess with me.” It’s all that in there as well.

We have become closer every day. I’m really very fond of her actually, I have to say.

It’s so lovely. Sort of having this process to share with her and doing it together, both being new, because it’s such a mad thing, Doctor Who, it’s such a tricky and brilliant show to make. It’s lovely to share that journey with someone…It’s just you know, we went through all these milestones together: the first readthrough, we did that together, and then we had our first day on set and then we had our first block finished and you know, we have all these things in life that we share. You know, it makes you quite close. Yeah, she’s a funny soul.

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Doctor Who Confidential - My Way

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Aww last ever confidential


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