the-last-teabender said: Team Adipose, your gifs on reblogs are always on point. How many do you actually have?


littlemissstray said: Aw another blog which personalize the blog in the app !! It's absolutely perfect seriously !!!


If you haven’t noticed, Tumblr updated a few things today. We just updated our banner, and you guys should too!


EDIT: To change your banner, go to In the top right there should be an “edit appearance” button, and you can change the banner from there!


Always read the doctor who tumblr’s tags. Seriously, they’re golden.

Congrats to @bbcdoctorwho for winning the Shorty Industry Award for Best Brand on @Tumblr! #ShortyAwards

Congrats, Tumblr Whovians! We just want to say — the Doctor Who Tumblr is your blog and so this is your award! Great job on all of your posts. You are fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!

Now if somebody could kindly come up with an acceptance speech in 140 characters (posted in your reblog), we would greatly appreciate it.

Doctor Who Tumblr goes to Edinburgh!
We almost got blown away, it was so windy!

Doctor Who Tumblr goes to Edinburgh!

We almost got blown away, it was so windy!

Hello, Stonehenge!

Hit play to see a very excited adipose at a very old circle of rocks! (You also may want to turn down your volume.) 

Current Doctor Who Tumblr Crying Status: watching The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang on BBC America

Current Doctor Who Tumblr Crying Status: watching The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang on BBC America


It came in! Love the stickers on the package, as well as the note from the Doctor Who Tumblr on the inside. So excited to start reading! Thank you, Doctor Who Tumblr & BBC America for the opportunity to participate in your contest.
-Molly :) x

Doctor Who Tumblr goes to London!

We found one friend in an unexpected place, but we couldn’t find the other. Turns out we’d found the wrong phone box!

Doctor Who Tumblr goes to Windsor Castle.  

fezzlets said: Do you know where I could get a memory worm so I can re-watch all my favourite episodes a first time again?

Sure! We sent Strax…



Get comfortable. This is going to take a while….

the-oklakansan said: So I've recently started watching doctor who and I must say its really good. Even though I've started with 9 I'm really upset about Matt smith. He was the biggest reason I started watching it in the first place.

Oh that’s brilliant news! If you pace yourself, you can have several months before you even get to Matt’s seasons!

Besides, we’re so jealous that you get to experience every one of our favorite episodes for the first time!


thexdemonxinsidexme said: How are you guys dealing with the regeneration?? You've asked all of us, but how about you?

We’re dealing with the regeneration by liveblogging The Time of the Doctor along with all of you on Christmas! Which reminds us…

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We’re going to be liveblogging the US Premiere of The Time of the Doctor which airs on BBC America at 9pm EST. Want to follow Doctor Who Official Tumblr but avoid our spoilery livetumblring b/c of DVR, time zone, other reasons?

Consider installing Tumblr Savior!

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We generally tag our stuff with #dw spoilers and #the time of the doctor


pythagorwalrus said: Why do all the coping with regeneration post indicate that it's a bad thing? I cope with excitement for what the new doctor will bring!!!


We’re getting all sorts of reactions and coping methods regarding a regeneration! We hope you’re all getting ready for Christmas!

(This is part of the #Twelve Days of Doctor Who! There are only a teeeeeny amount of days left!)

The BBC Doctor Who blog made these Doctor Who Christmas Cards for you to print out.

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