Jenna Coleman, Vulture Magazine, Julian Fellowes, and Downton Abbey

  • Vulture:
    Since you were in Julian Fellowes’ Titanic last year —
  • Jenna-Louise Coleman:
  • Vulture:
    Were you able to tell him off for the end of this season’s Downton Abbey? Can you call him?
  • Jenna-Louise Coleman:
    I haven’t, but that was shocking wasn’t it? I didn’t see that coming at all! So sad, but then he did sink the Titanic four times in our series.

Jenna-Louise Coleman in Titanic on ABC (US) tonight 

If you’re in the U.S. and near a television, new Doctor Who companion Jenna-Louise Coleman is in the second part of Titanic (written by “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes) tonight on ABC.

Part one was last night but we had to DVR it. We were busy giggling while watching Mark Gatiss on Being Human.

And yes, the guy in the gifset above is Toby Jones who played the Dream Lord in Amy’s Choice

(via awhoreslies)

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