Karen and The Babes

Karen and The Babes

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30 Days of Doctor Who → Day 18: Favorite cast relationship
↳Karen and the Babes

“We’re thinking of starting a band called Karen and the Babes. We’re the babes, that’s Karen.”

She’s Karen, we’re the babes

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Karen and the Babes - We’ll be alright! (by SummerProductions64)

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Matt Smith and Karen Gillan perform the theme song to Doctor Who. And they don’t need lyrics or a backing track to be totally adorable and amazing.

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Matt, Karen, and Arthur sing Bohemian Rhapsody at the Nerd Machine Conversations for a Cause


Karen & The Babes; Bohemian Rhapsody

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Karen and the Babes

Karen and the Babes

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Things I want to see. ^ 


Things I want to see. ^ 

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Credit goes to THIS Tumblr.

Credit goes to THIS Tumblr.

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No more DW confidential?


How are Karen and the Babes going to get their music out there? 


It’s not Karen and the Babes without Karen. 

It will just be… The Babes.

Watch Doctor Who Confidential: River Runs Wild at Anglophenia

Our BBFL Anglophenia has a 12 minute cut of Doctor Who Confidential on their blog today. It’s very very corny. And awesome. At the end of this sentence will be a word with a link that you can click in order to watch it.

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The Doctor Who Cast Sing the Confidential Song

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