TheDoctor/Rose + First Date

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Bad Wolf references in season one

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Ninth Doctor in “Dalek” requested by notgingerandalittlebitfoxy


Ninth Doctor in “Dalek” requested by notgingerandalittlebitfoxy

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Most important meal of the day…


He’s like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun. He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and can see the turn of the universe. And he’s wonderful.

It was one thing to include [Eccleston] among all the other archive Doctors, as they flew in to save the day — in fact, it would have been disgraceful to have left anyone out — but placing him in that scene might have given the impression he’d actually turned up for filming, which would have been crossing the line.

Not taking part in the 50th was a difficult decision for Chris, taken after a lot of thought and with great courtesy, and not respecting his wishes would have been grossly unprofessional and disrespectful to a good man and a great Doctor. Number 9 may not have turned up for the celebrations, but there would have been no party without him.
Moffat Explains Short Hurt to Eccleston Regeneration | Doctor Who TV

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Doctor Who: The Parting of the Ways

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I’d like to introduce the first sort polished batch of my Doctor Whoodles (Doctor Who doodles)! I’ve made a few changes and am pretty happy with how they are shaping up.

Next up: Twelve, Amy Pond and River Song.


Favorite Doctor Who episodes: the Ninth Doctor → Bad Wolf

I keep hearing those words everywhere we go. Bad Wolf. Different times. Different places, like it’s written all over the Universe.

Doctor Who rewatch: Boom Town, 1.11

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