My old fellow didn’t see that, did he? He gets ever so cross. So, what kind of doctor are you? Archaeology. Love a tomb.

"You’re coming with us, Dr. Song. There’s no way out this time."

"There’s always a way out."

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Time can be rewritten. 

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Sceneframing Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut (1/2)
Lake Powell, UT, USA | May 2014

We drove up to the lake, managed to get our car got stuck in the sand and had to stay until late to wait for the tow truck… but we went back the next day! 

See the sunset photos from day 1 hereRead more about Lake Powell & our adventure here.

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River Song: A Good Man Goes To War

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They leave. Because they should or because they find someone else. And some of them, some of them forget me. I suppose, in the end, they break my heart.

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River, you and I, we know what this means. We are ground zero of an explosion that will engulf all of reality…

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river song meme | three colors

↳ orange [2/3]

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thepondstakemanhatten requested some Eleven and River being cute together… I hope you like it!

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"We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?"

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Doctor Who meme: Nine Scenes [2/9]

The picnic scene

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River Song


River Song

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