Day 24: What is your most memorable Rory death scene?


When he was turned to dust in Amy’s Choice. I thought it was one of the coolest ways that he died. Of course being erased from time is cool too but when I read this question the disintegrating Rory popped into my mind first.


Day 13: What is your favorite/scariest Moffatism?

Killing Rory every five seconds. I was really angry the first time he died (and ceased to have ever existed) because even back then I loved him, and when he came back was when I really started to trust Moffat’s story-telling.

And now he dies almost every week and it’s hilarious. It’s the best running joke ever.

Especially with how Moffat responds to fans on the subject. When someone tweeted at him “Would you stop killing Rory?” he said “No.” and when someone said “If you kill Rory again I’ll come after you with a pitchfork,” he said, “You’ll have to pull it out of Rory first!”

Moffat is such a troll.

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The Ponds

The Ponds

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How do I begin to explain Rory Pond…

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Don’t touch the acid


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Did you mean?

Did you mean?



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The Ponds

The Ponds

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