DOCTOR WHO “The Name of the Doctor” Shocking Ending **SPOILER ALERT**

If you haven’t seen “The Name of The Doctor” yet, you may want to skip this video, add it to your ‘Watch Later’ list, and watch the episode first.


In a moment of pressure, he doesn’t hesitate to identify River as “an ex” and, later, she and we realise the depth of his feelings for her, the pain he suffers. “You’re always here to me,” he tells River. “And I always listen and I can always see you.” He opens his heart and for once seizes the chance to kiss her, even though she is now only “an echo”.

Alex Kingston and Matt Smith play these scenes with convincing tenderness.

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7.01 / 7.13

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friendly reminder that the doctor told clara to hold onto the leaf and it would take her home and it leads her to the doctor so basically he is her home

I died saving him. In return, he saved me to a database in the biggest library in the universe. Left me like a book on a shelf. Didn’t even say goodbye. He doesn’t like endings

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The explosion was incredible, I loved it! 

Behind the Scenes of The Name of the Doctor

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goodbye, ponds

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Clara Oswald, “The Name of the Doctor”

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Won’t hurt.

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Doctor Who?

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Behind the scenes photos from The Name of the Doctor

Production artwork for The Name of the Doctor

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