The Karen Quota Idea Megapost

Ok, so first, thank you for all of the followers. We’ve gone from 26,001 to 27,113 in less than three hours(!!)

This is quite exciting. If Tumblarity still existed we’d probably be up there somewhere near tumblogs about hipster edits and closing in on Daily Maru.

Ok fine. We’re probably nowhere near Maru.

But it’s not for a lack of awesome. We reblog the greatest posts from the greatest fans of what’s quite possibly the greatest show on six continents of television. So it’s not you. And it’s not Matt nor Karen nor Arthur nor Moffat b/c perfect people are perfect at their jobs…. And again, for emphasis: it’s definitely not you Karen!

#that awkward moment when you realize Karen’s paying attention.

So it’s us. We have to figure out what we need to do to better. {Okay okay okay… we got your messages and you’re right: we’re being way too hard on ourselves. Yes we did reach 25,000 followers in just three months. We just want to hit the Karen Quota. That’s all.}

Here are your suggestions so far:

sporkyforky suggested:

Post crossovers so people from other fandoms will be like “what the hell is this?” and come check out DW? :D

We tried that. Apparently they found our Darren+Criss tag “severely lacking”.

sweetmadameblue suggested:

Reblog and post more old school stuff for everyone! Also let people submit stuff?

We’ve been on the classic who kick for a while. Opening up the submit is out of our control but that may change in the future. In the meantime, we track about a billion DW related tags so keep tagging your DW-related posts.

l33tninja suggested:

You COULD do what did and bribe people. You could offer a specific, Doctor Who related prize, and say you’ll give it away to one lucky follower once you get 30,000 followers. ;)

We could, but we’d want it to be something that gets ‘unlocked’ for everyone or something. We’re going to think about this one.

imnon suggested:

Here’s my idea for 30k followers, let me know what you think: Okay, so, first order of business is a fez. The current Doctor Who tumblr page layout is severely lacking in fez count, and I feel it’s the reason that there aren’t 30k followers already. Once that issue has been resolved, we proceed to reblog as many gifs of karen gillan as humanly possible until we reach 30k. Thoughts?

Ok. Here’s both in one post:

BAM! (Wait. You mean lots of them, don’t you?)

laurenlightning suggested:

Branch out! Find smaller Doctor Who fansites that might not know about Tumblr and embrace them with open TARDIS doors.

Ok. brb, 4chan….

Any more ideas?

Dear Tumblr. Karen says ‘hi.’ Also: she has a challenge for us…

So… Karen wants us to get to 30,000 followers.

(Ok, so how the roranicus pondicus are we going to get to 30,000 followers? We need your help so send us your ideas.)

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