Day 11: What actor would you love to see guest star on Doctor Who?

Benedict Cumberbatch. Do I even need a reason? Shouldn’t those pictures be enough? Oh, not everyone in the world is a Cumberbitch? Oh, okay. I’ll explain.

HE IS PERFECTION. Or at least as close as you can get to it. Guys, he’s gorgeous whether he’s ginger or dark-haired. His voice is that of a jaguar in a cello. He’s a brilliant actor. Absolutely amazing. And as Moffat put it, he plays extraordinary people. I don’t know if I could handle him being the Doctor, though. I’m positive that if he were the next Doctor, I would explode. So I want to see him as a character that challenges the Doctor. Possibly the Master, but I’d love to see him as a man that is just as extraordinary as the Doctor is, and I want the Doctor to be baffled by him.

ALSO. The Sherlock and Doctor Who fandoms are already very close. Most of us belong to both, and we’re converting each other all the time. It would be a very nice gift to us to see someone from Sherlock, especially the magnificent Benedict Cumberbatch, on Doctor Who.

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