Top 13 River Moments

#9 - A Good Man Goes to War

“Oh, turn it off. I’m breaking in, not out. This is River Song back in her cell… Oh, and I’ll take breakfast at the usual time. Thank you.”

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The Doctor’s First Stars.

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Here we have the brilliant Steven Moffat. Unpopular opinion or not, I love the way he thinks about revealing the answers, about making everything so complicated. Sure, he’s the ultimate troll, he plays with our minds, but isn’t this why we like him so much?

Taken from Doctor Who Confidential for “A Good Man Goes to War” {*}

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You’ll never be alone

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Amy smell :D


Amy smell :D

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kissing and crying

kissing and crying

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A Good Man Goes To War II You make them so afraid



“It’s me… I’m Melody… I’m your daughter.”

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Colonel Manton, I want you to tell your men “run away.” Those words. “Run away.” I want you to be famous for those exact words. I want people to call you Colonel Runaway. I want children laughing outside your door, ‘cause they’ve found the house of Colonel Runaway. And when people come to you and ask if trying to get to me through the people I love! …is in any way a good idea, I want you to tell them your name. Look, I’m angry, that’s new. I’m not really sure what’s going to happen now.
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“Well then soldier, how goes the day?”

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Ok, now I’m watching A Good Man Goes To War.


I don’t know why I do this to myself. It’s just so good.

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When you began, all those years ago, sailing off to see the universe, did you ever think you’d become this? The man who can turn an army around at the mention of his name. “Doctor.” the word for healer and wise man throughout the universe. We kept that word for you, you know. But if you carry on the way you are, what might that word come to mean?
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The Doctor Who PREQUEL to Let’s Kill Hitler

Return to the TARDIS and watch an exclusive prequel to the new Doctor Who mid-season premiere, “Let’s Kill Hitler,” written by Executive Producer & Lead Writer Steven Moffat. And don’t miss the return of all new episodes *** premiering Saturday August 27 at 9/8c *** on BBC America.

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