Doctor Who meme - Ten Episodes (1/10) - A Christmas Carol

From the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special.

From the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special.

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BBC America Costume Contest Ends October 18th!

From Liz in Maryland: 

As soon as I saw the DW Christmas special A Christmas Carol, I knew I had to make Abigail Pettigrew’s costume. I fell in love with the character Katherine’s voice and I connected with the charcater and since I sing as well, I had to! I love how sweet she is and her amazing outlook on life and that her voice is what saves the day. Before making the costume, I spent forever trying to gather pictures of this and analyzing the details in the outfit. I made the body of the dress, styled the wig, and altered the sweater. The cloak and the detailing on the dress were done by my friend Rachael as I was getting into a time crunch with this costume for an event. My favorite moment in this outfit was at Gallifrey One, a DW con in LA, when I sang Phantom of the Opera with a friend at karaoke. 

You can still submit your entry for the BBC America Costume Contest until October 18th right over here. 

p.s. Remember Abigail? She’s from a DW Christmas special (see below). 

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