Ain’t It Cool with Harry Knowles discusses Time Travel in TV and Movies

Harry just started watching Doctor Who and he loves it.


'Merrick' from Ain’t It Cool News: 'Doctor Who' Has Changed My Life | Anglophenia

Glen Oliver (@GlenOliverAICN), a.k.a. “Merrick,” is one of the resident Whovians over at Ain’t It Cool News, one of the web’s pioneering sci-fi/geek sites. Like many of us, he was introduced to Doctor Who during the modern, Russell T. Davies/Steven Moffat era, and he was “hooked” after 15 minutes. But the series has had an impact on him that even he didn’t anticipate. We chatted with Oliver for our #newtoWHO series.

1. Who introduced you to the show?

I had two friends pushing me to watch Doctor Who (then Tennant-era) for several years – @KenPlume  and @Robogeek. I resisted, hemmed and hawed, and made numerous excuses why I shouldn’t give “that show” a try. They finally wore me down – and from about 15 minutes in, I was utterly hooked. I can’t thank Ken and Paul enough for guiding me toward Doctor Who - the show has changed my life.

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