First of all, I need a few minutes to cry about how wonderful doctor...


First of all, I need a few minutes to cry about how wonderful doctor who is, and the doctor who tumblr team. I don’t know who you are, but you people are AMAZING and i can never thank you guys enough for giving the fans the opportunity to have a Who&A!!!

Matt: A lot of people (myself included) say that doctor who has changed their life, by opening their mind to new possibilities and expanding their beliefs in what is possible within our universe. How has being on the show affected your beliefs about the world and the importance of humanity in all of time and space?

MATT: Yeah, it’s really encouraged an interest in science—genuinely—and thinking in a scientific way. I read a lot about Einstein, Richard Dawkins, and all that sort of stuff. And I love the idea and notion of time travel. I think it’s magic! It’s got me thinking about it a lot. And the morality of The Doctor is a great benchmark for anyone.


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