dr-river-song-loves-a-tomb said: Hey Doctor Who Tumblr, I'm graduating in just under a week (Dec 19) with my BA in anthropology/archaeology. I want a fun Whovian idea to decorate my red graduation cap. Any ideas?




CONGRATULATIONS on graduating! 

Any ideas, guise?

Can you please describe the things you had to learn and what you did studying for archaeology and anthropology cause I want to go to school for it

It depends on the school.  I went to one in New York and I had to be a general anthropology major and so I took Biological anthropology, Cultural anthropology and Archaeology.  And then I took more classes in archaeology mostly.

So Biological anthropology includes human evolution, anatomy, and primateology.
Cultural anthropology is cultural aspects in society, what makes up a society and ideas within them.  You read a lot of books (or ethnographies) on societies (some are indigenous and some aren’t).Archaeology is the human past with artefacts.  This varies by what you take.  I took one course on underwater archaeology and had to learn about ships and how they were made and what they were used for as well as conservation and the finding of the shipwrecks.

I hope this helped!


River Song you BAMF!


River Song you BAMF!

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