Doctor Who: Steven Moffat - “We’ve built the rest of the TARDIS!” | Radio Times

There have been references to a swimming pool, questions about toilets and we’ve even had a peek inside the Doctor’s extensive walk-in wardrobe, but in general very little has ever been seen of the interior of the Tardis, beyond the main console room.

All that, however, could be about to change…

“We’ve built the rest of the Tardis!” says Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat of upcoming episode Journey to the Centre of the Tardis.

"The idea is in the title; we’re going to journey to the centre of the Tardis. We’ve got some great visuals for that,” he revealed at this year’s Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles.

Ashley Walters, who guest stars in the episode, backed Moffat up when Radio Times last spoke to him, saying “in our episode it’ll be the first time people get to see so much of the Tardis.”

The new interiors will be the work of production designer Michael Pickwoad, whose retro revamp of the Tardis control room got a positive reception when it was unveiled in December

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