In honor of the Cybermen returning to our screens this weekend in Nightmare in Silver, Big Finish is doing a Cybermen Special Offer! All 20 releases that feature the Cybermen are currently £5 each (CD or download) or £100 for the lot:

  • Sword of Orion (Main Range; 8th Doctor and Charley) by Nicholas Briggs
  • Spare Parts (Main Range; 5th Doctor and Nyssa) by Marc Platt
  • The Harvest (Main Range; 7th Doctor, Ace, and Hex) by Dan Abnett
  • The Reaping (Main Range; 6th Doctor and Peri) by Joseph Lidster
  • The Gathering (Main Range; 5th Doctor and Tegan) by Joseph Lidster
  • The Girl Who Never Was (Main Range; 8th Doctor and Charley) by Alan Barnes
  • Kingdom of Silver / Keepsake (Main Range; 7th Doctor) by James Swallow
  • Legend of the Cybermen (Main Range; 6th Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe) by Mike Maddox
  • The Silver Turk (Main Range; 8th Doctor and Mary Shelley) by Marc Platt
  • Human Resources (Part 1 and Part 2) (Eighth Doctor Adventures; 8th Doctor and Lucie) by Eddie Robson
  • The Ultimate Adventure (Stage Plays; 6th Doctor, Crystal, and Jason) by Terrance Dicks
  • Cyberman Series 1: Scorpius, Fear, Conversion, and Telos (four separate releases) by Nicholas Briggs
  • Cyberman Series 2 (box set) by James Swallow
  • The Blue Tooth (Companion Chronicles; told by Liz Shaw) by Nigel Fairs [NOTE: This release is available on CD only.]
  • Real Time (Bonus Releases; 6th Doctor and Evelyn) by Gary Russell [NOTE: This release is available on CD only.]
  • The Crystal of Cantus (Bernice Summerfield) by Joseph Lidster [NOTE: This release is available on CD only.]

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