Bad girl in the TARDIS

  • The Daily Beast:
    How would you stack up Amy Pond against her most recent predecessors, i.e., Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, and Donna Noble? Did you set out to make her a reaction to any of the Doctor’s most recent companions?
  • Steven Moffat:
    I don’t think you can, because she’s a completely different person. With the Doctor, you might have a certain amount of that, but Amy Pond has never even met those other girls, so why would she be a response to them?…There are always going to be certain commonalities to the people who choose to go through the blue doors, but I think Amy is…in certain respects, one of the trickier ones. Because of her very odd introduction to the Doctor, it took her a long time to trust him. She likes a good time…I keep saying, “bad girl in the TARDIS.” And now, you know who her daughter is and they’re both just bad girls.

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