Livetumblring, Doctor Who Marathon, Doctor Who Animated Scene, Doctor Who: Best of the Companions (so much going on this weekend)

Hellloooooo! We’re back!

Oh it feels so good to say that again. We kind of imagine this is what it feels like when Rory comes back from the dead.

Of course, some of us still aren’t safe. If you’re on the East Coast (like us) be careful. Stock up on cups of coffee, jammy dodgers, and jelly babies. Don’t go outside. Stay inside and watch the BBC America Doctor Who marathon. (ratings up 5000%!)

We had a debate among us earlier wondering which scene of Doctor Who is most like a hurricane: the solar storm in The Almost People or the storm at sea in Curse of the Black Spot.

Ultimately both are probably wrong. The threat of being stuck without TV or internet during the premiere of Let’s Kill Hitler is more like Midnight.

(Basically, we were looking for a reason to insert Jethro again)

Pending steady access to electricity and jelly babies, we will be livetumbrling both the East Coast and West Coast premieres of “Let’s Kill Hitler”!

For those new to Doctor Who Tumblr what we do is post gifs and caps and quotes as they happen in the episode. We’ll post from 9-10pm EDT take a break for a bit, put up a few non-spoilery buffer posts for anyone rejoining us for the west coast premiere, and then we’ll do it again at 9pm PDT.

We love a good livetumblring. But before that, there are other matters to attend to…

BBC America and Doctor Who are now available on Cablevision!

If you have Cablevision in your household, you were probably without BBC America and stuck watching Doctor Who on somebody’s sucky live stream this Spring. WELL SUCK ON LIVE STREAMS NO MORE! And that’s great timing because…

There’s a Doctor Who Marathon on BBC America today and tomorrow!

It includes the first half of Series 6, the Doctor Who Specials, and even — wait for it — episodes of Doctor Who Confidential.

Of course, if you’re a British Subject, you’re probably reading this and saying “What are those yanks going on about? What’s a cable-vision?” and “They don’t get Confidential on their telly!?! huff huff huff!” (Okay fine. You don’t sound like that. Which is a shame b/c we Americans all sound like The Hills and Jersey Shore.)

And even though you get Confidential on TV, we do get one neat thing…

BBC America to show exclusive animated scene from Let’s Kill Hitler

It’s a chase sequence involving Amy Pond and Rory Williams. Here’s an image from the animation:

See more images at Teh Facebooks. So after seeing Let’s Kill Hitler…

BBC America is premiering the third of the Doctor Who Specials: The Best of the Companions

So there’s a lot going on. We’ll be blogging and reblogging all weekend long as usual so keep up with your posts and tags and asks.

In summary: Do everything we tell you, don’t ask stupid questions, and don’t wander off.

And see you tomorrow for the premiere of Let’s Kill Hitler!

BBC America now available on Cablevision




We were waiting on the “official” announcement so that we could make our official announcement of the official announcement but the episode premieres tomorrow and we’ve already started the Doctor Who Marathon on BBC America so…

BBC America Launches on Cablevision this week

(Source: starkkings)

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