WATCH: 25 Celebs Who Have Appeared on ‘Doctor Who’

With the Star Trek movie beaming up Noel Clarke (a.k.a. Mickey Smith), we look at some of the biggest celebs who’ve traveled through the Whoniverse. While the list is far from complete — we’ve left off the obvious recent Doctor Who regulars like Alex Kingston, John Simm, Bernard Cribbins, and Gavin & Stacey‘s James Corden — it provides an overview of the star-studded talent who’ve dazzled us over the series’ nearly 50 years. Also: check out our list of the five best Doctor Who guest stars from the modern era, in our humble opinion.

See all 25 videos at Anglophenia. Anglo’s list includes Simon Pegg, Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, John Cleese, Anthony Stewart Head, and others. Glaring omission?

Merlin’s Colin Morgan

Anyone else missing?

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Famous ‘Doctor Who’ Fans: Top 5 Celebrity Whovians

As all true Nerdists know, celebrities are not better than real people. Their achievements in the fields of popularity, smiling, and bending over (depends on the celebrity) may be impressive, but they often have poor memory retention for important facts and rely on the likes of you or I to do the hard thinking for them. Any roundup of celebrity fandom for the mighty Doctor Who has to take into account two factors.

1: They can’t have just become fans since the series relaunched. Or if they have, it has to have opened a door through which they then go off and investigate the old stuff. This might seem harsh, but they’re celebrities, skimming over the top of stuff is what they do.

2: Getting access isn’t the same as being devoted. Just cos you’ve been on the show doesn’t mean you’re more of a fan than anyone else. (See point one re: skimming.)

So, here’s a select five who have provided services to the cause of Whovianity that are above and beyond the call of duty.

Click through for the list.

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