chelseainthetardis said: So I'll be going to my grandparents house for Christmas... Ordinarily, that would be awesome. But here's the thing: they don't have BBC America. They don't have wifi, either. So I'm going to be missing the Christmas Special this year! :'( Can you perhaps offer some advice on how I may handle this horrid news in a socially-acceptable manner? Maybe some emotional support, too.... OH MY GOD I'M SO SAD.

Firstly, visiting your grandparents will be awesome and we hope you have a lovely Christmas with them!

Secondly, you’re going to make it. We promise.

We’re tagging all the Christmas special content with #DW spoilers, so download Tumblr Savior if you want to avoid it (or unfollow us for a few days if you’re likely to be looking at Tumblr on your mobile phone in the bathroom every 15 minutes.)

While you might be missing it on Christmas Day, you’ll be able to watch the Christmas special soon. Until then, we’re here for you with oleaginous Adipose hugs and silly jokes in the tags.

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