kelsey716: Does anyone else remember when…


Does anyone else remember when 9 and Rose were on Satellite 5 and there was a news thingie that went something like “Face of Boe expecting Baby Bohemia” or something like that? I think Clara is that kid.

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Clara Oswald theory: Bad Wolf/Rose Tyler and Clara are somehow related


  • Bad Wolf was able to see all of time and space and mold it. (ep: Journey’s End)
  • Constant presence of roses around all three “versions” of Clara.
  • ‘The most important leaf in human history’ was from a Norway Maple. (ep: The Rings of Akhaten). Darlig Ulv Stranden (a.k.a. Bad Wolf Bay) is located in Norway (ep: Doomsday / Journey’s End)
  • On 5 March 2005, Rose Tyler first met the Doctor. (ep: Rose) 5 March 2005 is also the date when Clara’s mother died. (ep: The Rings of Akhaten).
  • Clara is always wearing red clothes (or something red, like her bag in The Rings of Akhaten). Red is the color of most common roses.
  • The TARDIS doesn’t seem to like Clara (ep: The Rings of Akhaten). This may be due to the fact that she is an anomaly of the Universe. The same thing happened with Jack Harkness, since Bad Wolf gave him immortality. The TARDIS tried to shake Jack off (ep: Utopia).

inspired by [this]

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thebandlover: My dad thinks…


My dad thinks that Clara is a manifestation of the universe itself. He says that she is the universe trying to get The Doctor to start saving worlds and civilizations and people again. 


has anyone noticed that every epsiode always involves the Doctors past?

  1. Asylum showed the return of the Daleks, including some he encountered in Classic Who.
  2. The Snowmen and The Bells of St. John had the Great Intelligence.
  3. The Rings of Akaten the Doctor had been to the planet before.
  4. Cold War shows the return of the Ice Warriors.

idk it’s possibly a coincidence, but it’s for sure interesting…

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Long stories.

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ryanhbp: I’m so happy….


I’m so happy that there’s so much speculation and theorizing about Clara going on. It brings me back to the Harry Potter community pre-book 7 and I’m feeling so nostalgic and excited and I was so sure that I would never experience this sort of thing again. Thank you Doctor Who.

So what’s your theory?


I think she is Sherlock. Moffat is just gonna cross it over.

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The Bells of Saint John + what continuity?

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The chained up Dalek Clara will eventually be the chained up Dalek in the episode ‘Dalek’ that Rose touches and makes too human.  The Dalek eventually kills itself and splits its atoms (I think?) because it has become ‘too human.’ That’s why there’s so many Rose references.


I think Clara is everyone and no one

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Impossible things.

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Sooooo we’ve been browsing Clara Oswald-related Tumblr tags today…


… and we’re kind of giddy thinking about all of the Clara theories there are out there…


… And we want more.


We want to hear more of your theories.

Post them under the tag ‘she’s impossible' so that Whovians can read them.

We’ll try to reblog a few.

(awesome Howie Spragg gifs credit

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Every single time.

Doctor Who Series 7: The Rings of Akhaten

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Doctor Who 7.8 - The Rings of Akhaten

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