[The TARDIS…is at the Pole]

…the South Pole

loved this week’s episode!
writer/director/actors/crew-well done everyone :) 
must’ve been a nightmare to keep the equipment dry tho … 

Doctor Who Series 7: Cold War

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Clara. Amy.

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Saved the world.

Parallels: The Snowmen, Cold War.

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the one and only

the one and only

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Save the world

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Doctor Who Series 7: Cold War

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Darken the city, night is a wire
Steam in the subway, earth is afire

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Ice Warrior Through The Ages

See the full gallery here.

Time’s in flux, changing every second. Your cozy little world can be rewritten like that. Nothing is safe. Remember that. Nothing.

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The Doctor + desperately trying to fix his hair in 07x09

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Doctor Who Parallels:

└ The Krotons//Cold War

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Mark Gatiss | Behind the Scenes of ‘Cold War’

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