Doctor Who Colouring-In Packs aren’t just for those who ask their parents for an xBox or books!

They are for those of us with Photoshop or GIMP or Aviary OR CRAYONS(!) as well.

Ok, if you aren’t familiar with the news about Tumblr’s recently introduced terms of service, that title might just seem bizarre. We suggest checking out this link. When you’re done with that…

We luuuuuuuurve coloring books! Especially b/c we can have SO MUCH FUN with them in Photoshop or crayons or GIMP or Aviary (the latter two are free.) Which is apparently what the BBC Doctor Who site intended:

Stuck for stuff to do over the Easter Holidays? Then grab our brand new Colouring In packs! Pick from either the Monster Pack (featuring a selection of your favourite aliens) or choose instead to bring the Doctor, Amy and Rory to life in our special Heroes pack.

Just in case that isn’t enough we’ve just added all our Doctor Who masks, posters, stories, games and much more to the Fun and Games section of the site. So if you need a Doctor Who fix, why not download a few masks and invite some friends around to play Doctor in the House or just relax into the holidays with a great story.

Go forth and color and edit!

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