btw the other companion who didn’t wander off.

Brian Williams, Doctor Who Series 7: The Power of Three

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Sometimes I think I should take up running, just in case I meet the Doctor.

How Do You Get To Be The Doctor's Companion Anyway? | Anglophenia


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The route into the TARDIS can be a surprisingly common one, if you happen to be (or have been) female, youngish, human and British during the last 50-odd years of Earth history.  All you have to do is wait for an alien invasion of some sort, and keep your eye out for a big blue box. If you see one, chances are there will be an eccentric man somewhere in the vicinity, barking strange orders and running about.

Now, here comes the tricky bit, you need to make yourself useful to him, and sort of insinuate your way into his attention. This can either be because you need saving from the aliens and he can’t resist a damsel (or mansel) in distress, or because you’re in a position of authority and he needs you to do what he says right away. It might help to see if you can join your nearest branch of UNIT, or, if you’re a journalist like Sarah Jane Smith, just barge your way in and start asking questions until you and he are face to face.

What you need to do is be ready to be won over by him, be enchanted by his personality, and then occasionally bring his rampaging ego up short. It’s a bit like looking after a toddler, if a toddler had access to weaponised Lego.

The best part is that the post starts off with this phrase:

“Note: this is not a guide for budding actors and actresses, on how best to audition for the role of a companion on Doctor Who.

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I only know w h o

The first full episode of each new (New Who) companion.

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Favourite Characters from the Whoniverse 3/?

 Mickey Smith

‘There’s nothing wrong with a van. I once saved the universe with a big yellow truck.’

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Happy Birthday Elisabeth Sladen (1February 1946 - 19 April 2011)

Every now and then we like to go back and browse the Elisabeth Sladen and Sarah Jane Smith tags on the Doctor Who Tumblr. Today is one of those days.

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post-it doodles i did between homeworks today

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One Companion Per EpisodeS01E01 Rose

Rose Tyler

The first time in the TARDIS of each of the New Who companions.

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Find someone. Don’t travel alone.

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This time we are very well acquainted with the Eleventh Doctor. He’s our pal and the companion will be the new person. So I wanted somebody with a bit more mystery to them, someone you have to get to know in a way that you didn’t have to get to know Amy because we met Amy and the Eleventh Doctor at that same time. Someone more challenging and difficult, someone who will lead him in a merry dance. I always felt that Amy and the Eleventh Doctor grew up together. They’re like childhood friends. It’s a very different feeling now.
Steven Moffat Talks Doctor Who, Sherlock — Vulture

‘Doctor Who’ Personality Quiz: Which Companion Are You? | Anglophenia

BBC AMERICA is counting down the modern female companions, ranked by YOUR votes, in the new special The Brit List: Doctor Who Ultimate List of Lists, premiering Friday, December 21 at 10/9c.

And the new companion, Clara, will be unveiled on BBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who Christmas special “The Snowmen,” premiering Tuesday, December 25 at 9/8c.

Before we get into the full glory of this exciting web feature, let’s clear one thing up: if the companion you feel most kinship with is missing from this quiz, we’re sorry. Clearly we couldn’t put all of the companions in, or there’s a very real chance it would become less a fun way to think about your favorite TV show and more of an administrative nightmare, so we picked the six key TARDIS-dwellers of the modern Whovian era: Rose, Martha, Donna, River Song, Amy and Rory.

Each one has a different approach to the bizarre life they find themselves living, and each one has characteristics that help them adjust to the weirdness, the stress and all the running.

But which of these characteristics is the one closest to your own? There’s only one way to find out…

This is the first quiz that told us that we’re not K-9.

Also: this is our favorite bit:

Note: No actual psychology has been used in the creation of this quiz. It’s all done with MAGIC!

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