Hi guise, Doctor Who Tumblr here letting you know that the blog just hit HALF A MILLION TUMBLR FOLLOWERS.

We were thinking of how we could celebrate, so we looked back at all of our favorite moments in the history of the Tumblr. We re-read the posts from when we hit 25,000 followers and 100,000 followers and we tried to think of something new to say to celebrate half a million…

But then we realized that those celebration posts say exactly the same things that we would say today:

This Tumblr is for you. It is made up of your posts. These are your followers.

Whether we’re talking to one Doctor Who fan or half a million, we’re all part of the same Doctor Who Tumblr. Here’s to all the adventures we have left to go on together!

Just got a new job, with my first pay check I’m going to fulfill a life-long dream of mine: I’m buying a sonic screwdriver. :D

(Source: captaingunn)

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