BBC Showcase Marks 50 Years of ‘Doctor Who’ with Symphonic Spectacular

On Tuesday night (February 26) in Liverpool, BBC Worldwide Showcase paid tribute to one of the BBC’s most successful and long-running global franchises, Doctor Who, as the series heads toward its 50th anniversary this November.

Mark Williams (who played Rory’s father Brian in Season 7) hosted the Doctor Who Showcase Symphonic Spectacular, a celebration of Murray Gold’s epic music score for the show. Led by the boyishly Tennant-esque Ben Foster as conductor, the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and the Sense of Sound choir made Gold’s compositions sound even more mythic. The soloists Daniel Keating-Roberts and Elin Manahan Thomas lent their voices to a couple of the numbers; Thomas was particularly moving with her soprano renderings of “Madman with a Box” and the gorgeous “Abigail’s Song.”

Read the entire story at Anglophenia.

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