We want YOU in the next Doctor Who “Best of” Special!

Record your wittiest, most festive answers to the any of the questions in this video and submit it as a response video on YouTube!

Want a chance to share your love of all things Doctor Who with TV viewers across America? Some celebrity Whovians are asking holiday-related Doctor Who questions and they want to know your answers.

Submit your best response here and your video just might appear on the upcoming “Doctor Who: Best of the Christmas Specials” program on BBC America or online.

• Would you rather go sleigh riding with a Dalek or make snow angels with an Ood?
• Would you rather ride with Santa in his sleigh or The Doctor in his TARDIS?
• Would you rather find yourself under mistletoe with a Weeping Angel or The Silence?
• Would you rather spend Christmas traveling with the Doctor or relaxing at home with Amy and Rory?
• Would you rather eat fish fingers and custard or a traditional Christmas dinner?
• Would you rather see Santa Claus come down your chimney or the Doctor land in your yard?
• Would you rather find a Sonic Screwdriver in your stocking or a TARDIS under your Christmas tree?

Dear Tumblr.

We want to see you in this episode.

Please submit videos.

Love, us.

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