no but this was the best thing to come out of this


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The Snowmen certainly bodes very well for the year ahead. It’s a lower key story on the surface, perhaps, albeit an episode that proves once again Moffat’s skill for introducing major new characters. It’s also an excellent Christmas special, and quite a serious one.
Doctor Who: The Snowmen spoiler-free review by Den of Geek
The sum total of all of this is a really, really good slice of Saturday night fun, that puts a good Dalek story at the heart of an episode that’s impressive for reasons beyond its foes. It’s frequently funny – Moffat hasn’t lost his touch with excellent one-liners – and emotionally involving too. It also takes the Daleks to some quite dark places, with a fresh, unpleasant edge. And, as with many of Moffat’s episodes, it’ll ignite the Internet within seconds of it finishing.
Doctor Who series 7: Asylum Of The Daleks spoiler-free review | Den of Geek

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