Murray Gold interview: Doctor Who music, Matt Smith, 12th Doctor, Regeneration & more…

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Composer Murray Gold has been one of the very few constants since the return of Doctor Who in 2005. His work on the world’s greatest show has been sublime, constantly delivering memorable themes, beautiful soundscapes and heartbreaking melodies each week. I caught up with Murray on the eve of his return to the Royal Albert Hall for the Doctor Who Proms and chatted all things Who, from series one to series eight… 

What were your feelings when you hear Matt was leaving Doctor Who?

I thought, ‘Well that means a lot of work!’ [Laughs] I thought, ‘Oh my god, are we really not going to hear I Am The Doctor again?’ [Laughs] I instantly began to think. ‘Could we use it for the next one as well?’ Does it maybe capture something eternally Doctorish, does it have to not be there ever again until Matt appears again, as hopefully one day he will, on some new version of the multi-Doctor story. Are we never going to hear I Am The Doctor again until the 60th? [Laughs] 

If we don’t, then what follows it has to be stronger. I think that, in a way, I Am The Doctor is stronger than the themes Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant had. So, I was thinking those thoughts. [Laughs] 

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