Doctor Puppet Episode 4 - “Smoke and Mirrors”

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Doctor Puppet Episode 4 - Smoke and Mirrors (Geek Week)


Meanwhile, on the Doctor Puppet set…
#doctor puppet #50th anniversary #sorry BBC #doctor who

Earlier this week…


Meanwhile, on the Doctor Puppet set…

#doctor puppet #50th anniversary #sorry BBC #doctor who

Earlier this week


Doctor Puppet: This is perfect and adorable and you should watch [x]

Fan-made “Doctor Puppet” Episode 2 - The Conjunction of Eleven


Here is the second episode of the Doctor Puppet, in case you didn’t see the link in my other post. Remember to subscribe to my channel!

Doctor Puppet - The Red X (by Nerdist)

The Doctor Puppet, based on Doctor Who, finds a strange note on his TARDIS that leads him on a mysterious adventure. Who will he meet along the way?

The Doctor Puppet is a lovingly handcrafted fan tribute made in New York City.
What classic Dr. Who characters do you want to see as puppets?
What times and places should the Doctor Puppet visit in his TARDIS? 

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I’ve been told that there’s a man in London who’s more clever than even me. Of course I couldn’t resist dropping by his flat on Baker Street, but no one was in. At St. Bart’s Hospital I looked high and low for the man, but never found him. Sherlock Holmes - we will meet one day!


What an amazing show! It was a privilege to hang out on line at the Ziegfeld and wait with hundreds of other fans. I really liked their fashion sense too - lots of tweed and bow ties. The BBC America film crew even interviewed Alisa. I didn’t have much to say though.

The premiere itself was equally thrilling and holding my tongue for the next week is going to be very difficult. Good thing a familiar-looking chap and a lovely ginger made me promise not to spoil anything. 

Doctor Puppet


The Hudson River was a little smelly but I still enjoyed myself. Along the shore I found what I assumed to be an alien egg pod, but my companion informed me that it was merely a water caltrop. It actually is an alien though because it was introduced to North America only recently. I really can relate to that spiky little thing.

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