Win Matt Smith’s Bart Simpson Mask in the Doctor Who Tumblr #Crossover Cosplay Contest.

So after a crazy wonderful day filled with cinema screening posts, we thought we’d follow it up with something kind of fun.

At the end of San Diego Comic Con we asked Matt Smith if we could have his Bart Simpson mask.

He said yeah. And we said, “uh, yeah, that’s cool” as if we were actually somehow cool even though inside we were all like,

So we brought it back to Doctor Who Tumblr HQ where we do nothing but lounge around in our hammocks all day…

and practice our fabulous hair tosses…

… and decided that we would do a thing:

We’re going to give away the actual Bart Simpson mask that Matt Smith wore to walk the floor at Comic Con!

Here’s how this is going to work…

To win this beautiful latex artifact, come up with an idea for a Whollowmeme costume that crosses over Doctor Who with another fandom. (Get it? Because Eleven wore a Simpsons mask. It’s… never mind.)

Lisa Simpson x Amy Pond? Orphan Black x Donna Noble? The Master x Severus Snape? Seventh Doctor x Walter White? K-9 x Jake The Dog? Mickey Smith x Jake The Dog? Clara x Jake The Dog?

And we want you to do more than just post two character names — post your crossover cosplay idea in whatever way seems natural to you: drawing, gifs, written description, a photo of your actual costume. Post it to your blog and tag it Doctor Who Crossover Cosplay.

We’ll collect all of the entries off of that tag and choose a winner at random to win Matt Smith’s Bart Simpson mask(!)

And we’re sorry. We’re so so sorry, non-America, but this giveaway is only open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including the District of Columbia.)

Read all of the official terms and conditions here.

If you win and you are under 18, you will need a parent or guardian to sign for you.

The giveaway ends at 8pm EST Monday, October 28th!

Happy Crossover Cosplaying!! Good luck!

whimsicalmelancholy asked: You tagged that last post as "59 Days..."


Meh, who are we kidding. iPad typing is hard.

(Although how awesome is it to have a universe where we can use “timey-wimey” as an excuse for anything?)

burnabyboggarts asked: Where will Canadians be able to watch the 50th Anniversary ep? Will it be on Space?

Yes! It’ll be on Space Channel!


jily-bean asked: Thank you so much for re-uploading the trailer! i was so upset when i couldn't watch it, but now I'm freaking out cause it's so awesome!!! XD


Watch it here on The Tumblr if you’re having trouble with any of The YouTubes.


sometimes i question the sanity of the people who run the doctor who tumblr


(Source: sexyriversong)

kaitlynface asked: What does the Tardis taste like?


Like space.

whointheverse asked: I'm getting ready to plan my annual Halloween movie marathon, and wanted to throw some Who into the mix. Question: What would be the perfect Doctor Who episode for a Halloween party?


(Or rather DO blink. We mean DON’T blink. We mean DO WATCH Blink.)

Anybody have any other suggestions?

tennowman asked: When someone says "... is my Doctor!" does it mean he's your favourite Doctor or your first Doctor. And does "first Doctor" mean the Doctor in the episode you first watched (ex. series 1, episode 1 → Nine) or the era you joined (2013 (ex. after 11 announced he's going to leave) → Twelve)?


lordofthedoodleelves asked: There are two girls behind me in physics class who almost every lesson are talking about Who related things. Is it alright to spontaneously hug them next time this happens?

Whenever you encounter an unknown Whovian IRL, you are required to give them a hug (or a high five) and say “The Doctor Who Tumblr told me to do that.”



thefrozengallifrey-deactivated2 asked: So, there's two weeping angels in my town. What do I do?



we jumped when we turned around and saw it. srsly.
Also: the BBC Broadcasting House is really cool. If you’re ever in London, you should take the tour.

we jumped when we turned around and saw it. srsly.

Also: the BBC Broadcasting House is really cool. If you’re ever in London, you should take the tour.

kelpup asked: What do you think of wolves?




diglettdevious asked: Tell us a joke.

How many Whovians does it take to change a light bulb?

1,000,000. One to change the bulb and 999,999 to say that although the new bulb is ok, the one they grew up on was better.


tommytellstales asked: Will the Day of the Doctor poster be available to buy? Because its really cool and I'd love it :)

A lot of you have asked the same question so we’ve passed this info on to the Doctor Who merch team as a suggestion.

A very strong, inbox-filling suggestion.


awakeandsortofalive asked: You guys never get tired of that adipose joke do you??


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