Today marks one year since Peter Capaldi was announced as The Doctor! And now its only 19 days to go until his first full episode!

Wilfred Mott Bernard Cribbins Wilfred Mott Bernard Cribbins, ladies and gentlemen.

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On Saturday 3rd, as the press ramped up their speculation about Houdini, one of our co-ordinators drove around Borehamwood, looking for an anonymous car park. Having given that location to Brian, this is where Houdini was brought to, at lunchtime on Sunday. Peter Capaldi – as we could then call him - was bundled into a people carrier, where he lay on the back seat with a blanket over him, as our co-ordinator drove him down Borehamwood high street and into the studios.

Despite the less than glamorous arrival, Peter was in very good spirits, as we continued to keep him well hidden.

How they got Peter into the Doctor Who Live studio.

The full article is a nice write up of what it took to pull  the show off.

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We’re re-airing the Doctor Who Live Twelfth Doctor Revealed this Sunday, August 11 at 1:15pm followed by the entire Torchwood: Children of Earth from 2:00pm-7:00pm EDT on BBC America.

Of note: Peter Capaldi is in both.

Peter Capaldi (aged 15) letter to Radio Times
See the entire thing at

Peter Capaldi (aged 15) letter to Radio Times

See the entire thing at

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Peter Capaldi: Everyone made Doctor Who.

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Jenna on Doctor Who Live

Jenna on Doctor Who Live

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Oh my god. I met The Moff tonight. I met Sue Vertue tonight. I met #12 tonight. And they were all so totally lovely. Fate dictated that Clan Capaldi and I ended up trapped together in an Elstree dressing room, so I got to speak to him literally minutes after he’d been named. He’s properly up for it. Really, really. That letter from the Radio Times was written by a boy who had autographs and annuals. His inner child is so excited it looks like it’s regenerating.
I want to shoot myself in the head - Rufus Hound

@CraigyFerg: Great news that Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor. A spectacular talent and a beautiful man. #DoctorWho

Great news that Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor. A spectacular talent and a beautiful man.


no but this was the best thing to come out of this


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Like 10 minutes into the show some guy ran down the street screaming ‘MY POWER’S FAILED WHO’S THE NEXT DOCTOR?’ and like 4 different people shouted back out their windows inviting him in for a cuppa and to watch the show with them. 

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*SPOILERS* Peter Capaldi is Introduced to the World as the Next Doctor! - Doctor Who - BBC One



I was so intent on the special that I didn’t notice this girl watching it with me through the window until it was over.

Then my cat came over to chat with her and I just sat in the corner and Tumbld by myself.

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