DWO Tumblr Exclusive: Behind The Scenes Pics from the set of Doctor Who.


What feels like the looooooooooooongest summer break on record is almost over — the break between the first and second halves of Doctor Who Season 6.

We’re a little more than two weeks away from the August 27th return of Doctor Who (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!) and we’re celebrating by posting two weeks of behind the scenes photos sent from Cardiff exclusively for the Doctor Who Tumblr. (Have we said ‘yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!’ yet?)

We’ll be posting more pics in the coming days along with previews of the coming season as well as more clips from the BBC America Doctor Who Specials so get us out of your dashboard, open us in a new tab and makes us, like, the default start page for life b/c omg the new episode is almost here we’re so excited!!!!alkdsjaldsjfaldskfjadls;cZxcl! so please extend us the kindness of another visit in the coming weeks.

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