icantsumupmyfandomsinonename said: Hey, I know that this will probably get lost in the flurry of asks you get, but you just posted a blurb about someone who is taking an AP Bio course and mentioned the neurotransmitter that is released by Adipose tissue to decrease hunger. It is in fact called "Leptin", not "Lectin".

Thank you for messaging us!

Now we are reading the Wikipedia page for Leptin.

And now we are reading the Wikipedia page for Lectin.


Today Show visits the set of Doctor Who, tours the Travel Machine.

Today Show host Meredith Vieira went to Cardiff to visit the set of Doctor Who, chat with Matt Smith and Alex Kingston, and shoot a short cameo for an upcoming episode.

She also asks if she could be The Doctor’s next “travel buddy” in his “travel machine.”

Matt says no.

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