There are two fandom related things going on right now: the TV Guide “Fan Favorites” contest to determine which show gets on the cover of their magazine. and the People’s Choice Nominee for Favorite TV Fan Following.

You don’t know how excited we are for these two things as they’re not just about the show but they’re also about this fandom. PEOPLE MUST KNOW THE POWER OF THIS FANDOM.

We’ve actually traveled across all of the BBC, from the studios on the other side of the building to the cafeteria just around the corner. And everywhere we went we saw BBC employees and asked them to vote for you. But if the Doctor Who Tumblr became a legend, then that’s wrong because our blog isn’t important. There’s something else — the fandom that compelled us to go out there. The fandom that made us walk 500 miles. That fandom’s name is the Whovians. And they continue to reblog stuff about the show so many times, and remind everyone on Tumblr that they’re there. The fandom never stops. The fandom is kind of all over the place (especially with their AU memes). The fandom never asks to be thanked. But we’ve seen the fandom. We know the fandom. We love the fandom. And we know what they can do.

No hold on…

Sorry, that’s Martha’s speech from ‘Last of the Time Lords’ — but you know what you need to do! Go vote for all the things!!!

TV Guide link.

People’s Choice link.

Why American fans love ‘Doctor Who’

Doctor Who” mania is sweeping the United States with record breaking viewing numbers and a larger presence at conventions. Even though the show is a new phenomenon on this side of the pond, fans in England have grown up with The Doctor generation after generation. With only the fall finale left until Christmas, Examiner reached out to fans with one question, “Why do you love ‘Doctor Who’?”

There are some nice quotes in here.

Famous ‘Doctor Who’ Fans: Top 5 Celebrity Whovians

As all true Nerdists know, celebrities are not better than real people. Their achievements in the fields of popularity, smiling, and bending over (depends on the celebrity) may be impressive, but they often have poor memory retention for important facts and rely on the likes of you or I to do the hard thinking for them. Any roundup of celebrity fandom for the mighty Doctor Who has to take into account two factors.

1: They can’t have just become fans since the series relaunched. Or if they have, it has to have opened a door through which they then go off and investigate the old stuff. This might seem harsh, but they’re celebrities, skimming over the top of stuff is what they do.

2: Getting access isn’t the same as being devoted. Just cos you’ve been on the show doesn’t mean you’re more of a fan than anyone else. (See point one re: skimming.)

So, here’s a select five who have provided services to the cause of Whovianity that are above and beyond the call of duty.

Click through for the list.

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