io9: Meet Caroline Skinner: the Woman Who’s Calling the Shots for Doctor Who and The Fades

(‘The Fades’ trailer above, interview link below.)

If you want to see what new Series 7 Executive Producer Caroline Skinner’s work looks like, check out ‘The Fades.’ (BBC America, Saturday 9/8c.) It’s freaky and creepy and funny and Rated M for Scary (and actually really freaking good, imo.)

And the io9 article on Caroline is definitely worth a gander:

Caroline Skinner has become one of the most important people in British television science fiction and fantasy, almost overnight. She produced The Fades, the horror-fantasy series which took Britain by storm, and which hits BBC America this Saturday. And now she’s the new executive producer of Doctor Who, replacing Piers Wenger and Beth Willis.

Before working on The Fades, Skinner had a long track record on other sorts of television shows, including the BBC’s versions of Bleak House and Jane Eyre. She worked on The Fades from the beginning, developing the original pilot and then spending a year turning that into an actual series. And once she finished work on The Fades, she went over to Doctor Who, where she took on a role which lead writer Steven Moffat described as the “Prime Minister actually running the whole thing.”


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