Doctor Who fanvid set to Adele’s theme for Skyfall

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Fan created “Doctor Who The Musical” by AVByte



Another post that got lost in last week’s storm.

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'doctor who' opening credits | 'sherlock' style by Sotkamaximova

Hello, freinds
This is opening credits in “Sherlock” style
I hope, you will like that
Add you comment. It’s important for me :)

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WHO? The Doctor Who Musical Experience (DOCTOR WHO SONG PARODY) (by Steven Seller)

"The Doctor Who Musical Experience was written as an unashamed ballad to the dorkery of Doctor Who. It’s a celebration, one for all the Dr Who Fans out there who love the timelord enough to possibly have a laugh or two."

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Opening Credits done Buffy The Vampire Slayer style.


perfection in a video

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Rory&Amy | Never let me go (by sheryloh)

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"What happened, to the other people who traveled with you?" (fanvid by lodilou)

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'Doctor Who | Visions of the Past' by eveistheapple

Inspired by ‘Ghost Town’ by First Aid Kit

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Part of a series on Doctor Who fanart inspired by song lyrics

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'who are you, really?' by KatrinDepp

Inspired by ‘Who are you, really?’ by Mikky Ekko

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Part of a series on Doctor Who fanart inspired by song lyrics

Doctor Who Guess Who Commercial (Parody) by xperpetualmotion

Sez Karen Kavett:

A few months ago I had an idea – what if there was a Doctor Who version of the classic game Guess Who? It seemed too obvious to not have been done before, but all I could find was this t-shirt design, not a high-quality custom version of the game. And so, I ordered a copy of the game off of eBay and then spent a weekend painting the pieces and designing new cards and putting the whole thing together.

Karen and the Babes - We’ll be alright! (by SummerProductions64)

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"Welcome Back Doctor Who" by revision3

Apparently uber-geek Veronica Belmont is #newtoWHO. This is news to us.

Also: nice hats.

Great ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody “Doctor Who: Time Travel Maybe”

by Tumblr user starwburry

Fan-made Doctor Who Commercial - “Tardis Sauce”


Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup Video - San Diego


I know I’m late. I had so much footage that this is really choppy and filled with clips from the MeetUp plus short commentary from me just so that it makes a bit of sense. So if you were there, you will probably see yourself. 

I know it’s not all that great, I just really wanted to put the two hours of footage in the video, but I picked the best parts…well some of them…

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