TARDIS in Orbit Project - Update #1

Remember the TARDIS In Orbit Kickstarter that you guys helped to successfully fund earlier this year? 

Check out this interview from the creators of that project, Alex and Robert Doyle!

On the TARDIS set - Teenage Rebel behind the scenes - Doctor Who (Geek Week)

You can watch the full Teenage Rebel music video here!

Doctor Puppet Episode 4 - Smoke and Mirrors (Geek Week)

Doctor Who’s Matt Smith & Jenna Coleman: 10 Whovian Facts You Need to Know (5-1) GEEK WEEK

Doctor Who’s MATT SMITH & JENNA COLEMAN: 10 Whovian Facts You Need to Know (6-10) - Geek Week

MATT SMITH + Doctor Who Fans Give JENNA COLEMAN Comic-Con Survival Tips: BBC AMERICA (Geek Week)

Matt and Jenna made a bunch of videos for Youtube’s Geek Week and we’re going to start putting them up today to celebrate all things geeky!

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