Hath from “The Doctor’s Daughter”

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Hath from “The Doctor’s Daughter”


Vila brown jumpsuit, £20
Charlotte Russe buckle shoes, $40
Leather bangle, $16
Sarolt handmade leather jewelry, €35
Agate jewelry, €30

Doctor Who’s Friendly Aliens

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The Doctor and his companions travel across billions of miles of space and billions of years of time. Their travels take them to the most obscure corners of existence, where they meet some very interesting characters. Some of those characters actually turn out to be friendly. It is important to note, of course, that just because one or two members of a species are friendly, doesn’t mean the lot of them are. After all, not all humans are kind and benevolent, but it would be wrong to say we are all evil. From the Forest of Cheem to the Argolin, here are Doctor Who’s Friendly Aliens…

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Which Doctor Who baddie could you see potentially teaming up with The Doctor? (excluding The Master)

For me the problem with this question is the use of the word “baddie” as on Doctor Who, a lot of the other species and races we meet aren’t essentially evil, just misunderstood, and part of the Doctor Who experience is realising that not everything alien is out to kill us all, and sometimes they’re just left with few options so have to act to save themselves. That’s one of the things I love about The Doctor, his empathy for other species.

I can’t ever imagine the Doctor teaming up with either the Daleks or Cybermen. As essentially they are depicted as having no moral conscience, just going straight in for world domination/conversion. Even the Doctor has too much prejudice towards them to ever contemplate teaming up with them.

Therefore I’m going to say that I imagine The Doctor would be most likely to team up with the Hath or Ood, and of course we’ve already seen him use his influence to team up with Sontarons and Silurians. I could see this happening as the Hath and Ood seem on pretty friendly terms with The Doctor already and additionally the Doctor has shown them respect in the past. I would say these aren’t baddies in my opinion, but I guess could be seen that way by different people.

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