Classic Who Season 2 - The Rescue

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Classic Who: An Unearthly Child

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50 Days of Doctor Who 50th: November 22: Doctor Who?

↳ The First times the words were ever uttered.

Episode two of the serial An Unearthly Child. Most people coin Ian as the first person to ask the question, but it was actually William Hartnell that first uttered those words. Those tiny, yet dangerous words, that would survive the cosmos, and possibly even the End of Time.

This is the final day of the 50 Days of Doctor Who 50th!

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@bbcdoctorwho: 50 years ago today, on 20 Sept, 1963, the first photographs of were taken… More at: 

A horse and a man above, below; 
One has a plan but two must go. 
Mile after mile, above, beneath; 
One has a smile, one has teeth. 
Though the man above might say “hello”, 
Expect no love from the beast below. 

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Every Doctor Who story: 001 - An Unearthly Child (1963)

If you could touch the alien sand and hear the cry of strange birds and watch them wheel in another sky, would that satisfy you?

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My thoughts are, when I watch again, that it was really splendid work. Because the script and the production allowed us to act. And we had so much time and space to present the characters. It was all done in a great rush but I think it was quite an achievement. When I sit back and watch it now, I feel very pleased about it. It was a good piece of work, the acting was good and there was time somehow, and I think that’s a quality I really liked, because in a sense this kind of production allowed and awoke the imagination of the viewer. They could fill in where we didn’t have great special effects…but this allowed the imaginations to be stimulated and they had the time to get excited about it…and I think that was part of the success.
William Russell (Ian Chesterton) in the commentary for An Unearthly Child.

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IDW To Publish Prisoners Of Time For Doctor Who Fiftieth Anniversary-

Next year, IDW are publishing a twelve issue mini-series as a fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who project, each issue telling a story through the perspective of each of the character’s incarnations, with companions associated with that Doctor. The first issue sees the Doctor, Ian and Barbara, the second will no doubt see Jamie join the Doctor.

Written by Doctor Who/Star Trek writes David Tipton, Scott Tipton and drawn by Nikolai Dante's Simon Fraser (with Francesco Francavilla covers), the question is what will fill the twelfth issue in December 2012… a new Doctor? All the Doctors all together properly as The Eleven Doctors - the first time that has been officially attempted in licence form?

Let’s find out… see you in a year.

Ian - The Daleks.

Yes, I am going through the photo gallery.

Ian - The Daleks.


Yes, I am going through the photo gallery.

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