Carnegie Mellon releases a time machine...sort of.


Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have released a virtual time machine —  for pictures.  It’s a super-advanced time-lapse photo system that allows high resolution as well as viewing changes over time such as plants in boom.

“With GigaPan Time Machine, you can simultaneously explore space and time at extremely high resolutions,” said Illah Nourbakhsh, associate professor of robotics and head of the CREATE Lab. “Science has always been about narrowing your point of view — seeing a particular experiment or observation that you think might provide insight. But this system enables what we call exhaustive science, capturing huge amounts of data that can be explored in amazing ways.”

You can try it out here.

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If Arthur Darvill had a time machine, he’d go back to 1969 and…

Where and when would you go?

Tag your video or tweet #ifihadatimemachine and keep following for more places the cast, crew, and you want to travel to as we count down to Saturday April 23 at 9/8c.

It’s music appreciation morning on Doctor Who Tumblr.

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Fun to find this video with great references (extending back a few doctors) and editing.

What would you do with a time machine? Tag the video or tweet #ifihadatimemachine so we can all find it and respond. Three more days…

We’re settling in too – save us a seat as we count down to Saturday’s premiere (and keep tagging your videos and tweets #ifihadatimemachine) so we can share them here.

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Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat - If I had a Time Machine

If Executive Producer/Lead Writer Steven Moffat had a time machine, where would he go?

Where and when would you go? Send us a video response with the tag ifihadatimemachine, or tweet with the hashtag #ifihadatimemachine, and go to to check out where and when Matt Smith and other cast members would go.

Don’t miss the all-new season of Doctor Who, Saturday April 23 at 9/8c only on BBC America.

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If I had a Time Machine (#ifihadatimemachine) silverwolfpet would go to the Middle Ages

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IndyMogul: Backyard FX the MOVIE; Puppets in Time

erik: Check out the trailer for “Backyard FX the MOVIE: Puppets in Time” and share your time travel stories!

It’s got time travel, action, adventure, puppets, Abe Lincoln and all your favorite Indy Mogul stars!

Tell us what you would do with a time machine by checking out:

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If I had a time machine…


I wanted to post on Twitter about when and where I would go if I had a time machine, but I have too many and I honestly can’t pick.

  • See the first performance of one of Shakespeare’s plays
  • First Beatles performance
  • See Chopin perform
  • Travel to London during the blitz to provide aid
  • First Olympic games
  • New York during the Roaring 20s
  • Ancient Rome / Egypt during their height
  • Medieval England

How on earth am I supposed to pick one?

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Arthur Darvill on If I had a Time Machine…

Arthur would go back in time.

If you had a time machine, where would you go? When would you go? Into the future or back to the past?

Make a response video on YouTube, tag it #ifihadatimemachine.

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#ifihadatimemachine, I would… get #SPN fans to watch Dr. Who!

@Mark_Sheppard on #ifihadatimemachine

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Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan on #IfIHadaTimeMachine

In the future we may have Massive Massive Heads.

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You make me wish i had a time machine


Eleven by SofiaNodin on

i can read

doctor who | Tumblr

What would you do if you had a time machine?

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