can we make the lady in the tardis costume find the thing? [x]
From Matt’s interview at San Diego Comic Con with IGN

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Matt Smith interviw IGN SDCC (x)(x)

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I can think of no better starting point than where it began again in 2005, with “Rose.” Russell T. Davies knew exactly how to balance reintroducing the mythology of the show with the expectations of a modern audience; it’s magic in action and eerily mirrors the major Classic-era relaunch in 1970, “Spearhead from Space,” which is another great starting point although very different from much of the show that surrounds it on either side.
IGN writer Arnold T. Blumberg: If You’re #newtoWHO, Start With Modern Series

IGN interviews Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill at Comic-Con 2012

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Emma Watson named as fantasy ‘Doctor Who’ companion in poll

va IGN:

IGN Doctor Who fans have named Emma Watson as their ‘perfect’ Time Lord companion in an online poll.

Karen Gillan, whose character Amy Pond is leaving during the next series of the sci-fi drama, has played the Eleventh Doctor’s assistant since Steven Moffat's 2010 relaunch.

An IGN survey, to which 5,000 users contributed, found that over a quarter of voters want Harry Potter actress Watson to replace Gillan as Matt Smith's sidekick.

New Girl's Zooey Deschanel was the second choice, while Anna Friel came third, Pixie Lott finished fourth and Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke made fifth place.

Attack the Block's John Boyega was the highest-ranked male in the poll.

Of course, Tumblr has already imagined what this could look like…


Au meme
  → Hermione and The Doctor. Harry Potter and Doctor Who
       Variation of something suggested by Rikkisixx

Everywhere she went the blue box followed.

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