Melody Pond is so badass she was named after herself.


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Did anyone else cry out “AMYCEPTION!” during “Let’s Kill Hitler?”


No? Just me? OK.


The TARDIS inside of the TARDIS.



The TARDIS inside of the TARDIS.


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Perpetually Bemused: Day 12: Name a Doctor Who crossover that you would love to see happen


Okay, so I haven’t done any of the other ones, but I really like the idea behind this one.

The crossover I’d like to see? Inception. And here’s a short blurb I wrote about how all the universes would collide. In my head, it’s all very angsty and sad because I’m another one of those fans who are really unsatisfied with the ending of season 4.




The tall, lean man with a face that reflected sadness through all of his features stepped into the Parisian warehouse. He wore a suit that would have fit in perfectly in Arthur’s dreams of opulent ballrooms and dinner parties that lasted far into the night. He gazed at the inception team.

“How the hell did you get in here?” Cobb demanded, hopping off the warehouse table and reaching for his gun.

“My name is John Smith,” the man introduced himself, pulling at the collar of his jacket. “I used to be someone else. Once. Well, that’s not entirely true, is it? I was never that person.”

Arthur cocked his gun, too, holding it by his side. Although this man looked clean-shaven and presentable, his words were almost insane. “Did you want something, Mr. Smith?”

“Yes, well. I need all of you to go in here.” He paused and tapped the side of his head. “I rather suspect it might be difficult, but I need to convince myself of something.”

“If you already have the idea, it’s impossible for us to plant it,” Cobb insisted.

“I did impossible things every day. And so do you, I heard.” John Smith stared down the leader of the group. “I have never begged for anything as long as I’ve lived. And let me assure you, it’s been a very, very long time. But I wasn’t human then. I need you to try.”

John Smith reached out a hand to the group leader, and, before Cobb realized what he was doing, closed his hand around the other man’s.

An acknowledgement of the awesomeness of

Earlier today we used a gif from “Blink” in our 30 Day “favorite quote” announcement post. While we gave credit to the original poster of the gif (Hope who runs someone decided to delete our text while reblogging our post, thus, removing the credit.

While we did our best not to be rude, our repost (instead of a reblog) enabled someone else to be. Something that Hope noticed and rightfully took offense to.

Sorry about that, Hope. You make awesome graphics and people should give you the credit you deserve.

To everybody else: go show her some love. Browse her archives, like and reblog her posts if you so choose, and follow her if you think she’s cool.

And remember to always try to be a good tumblr citizen.

Protip: for anyone creating gifs and such, consider taking an extra moment to watermark them. Put your tumblr address in the corner in a way that isn’t obnoxious but lets people know who made it. We do this on all of our gifs just b/c it’s nice to recognize our own work in our dashboard and see how far they spread.


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