WATCH: Arthur Darvill Talks His Broadway Debut, Reacts to Matt Smith’s ‘Doctor Who’ Exit | Anglophenia

When asked who should become the Twelfth Doctor, former Doctor Who companion Arthur Darvill says: “I think they should go for someone older.” The affable Darvill was discussing Matt Smith’s successor backstage at New York’s Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, where he recently took over one of the leading roles in the award-winning Broadway production Once the Musical. But Darvill didn’t express specific preferences for a replacement actor for the Time Lord role — and he’s undecided on gender. (via 

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Which women in your life inspired you?

Jenna Louise Coleman at the Glamour Awards (2013)

Jenna-Louise Coleman at the GLAMOUR Awards 2013 (by glamour)

Doctor Who star Matt Smith interview: Kubrick’s the man to follow: a film in every genre - Telegraph
“I think I’ll direct a lot of things in that vein,” he adds. “I’d like to direct a science-fiction film, too. Kubrick’s the man to follow: a film in every genre.”

Doctor Who star Matt Smith interview: Kubrick’s the man to follow: a film in every genre - Telegraph

“I think I’ll direct a lot of things in that vein,” he adds. “I’d like to direct a science-fiction film, too. Kubrick’s the man to follow: a film in every genre.”

What I can tell you is that it’s absolutely bloody brilliant! I think it’s an astonishing script. Stephen Moffat is an outrageously good writer and as always with Doctor Who, it’s philosophical, it’s deep, it’s an adventure story and if you’re a kid, you’re going to be taken on an extraordinary ride. It raises all sorts of interesting questions for anyone who wants to go deeper with it. It’s funny and then on a sixpence it breaks your heart. It’s just wonderful!
Jemma Redgrave: ‘Filming Doctor Who was like joining MI6’ | News | Doctor Who | What’s on TV
Discussing the logistics of returning actors and actresses, the National Treasure commented, “I think it’s impossible. They can’t even think of including everybody who’s taken part in Doctor Who from the beginning up until now. There’d be hundreds and hundreds, they’d all get twelve and a half seconds each [laughs].”
Bernard Cribbins on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special | Den of Geek

Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler + Q&A, September 2011

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BAFTAs: Steven Moffat on ‘Doctor Who’ Season Finale, 50th Anniversary, and New ‘Sherlock’ | Anglophenia

Doctor Who was feted with a special 50th anniversary tribute at Sunday’s BAFTA TV awards in London, and lead writer/executive producer Steven Moffat was on hand on the red carpet, where he chatted with our own Alan Moloney about Saturday’s highly anticipated season finale, “The Name of the Doctor,” the show’s 50th anniversary special, and the upcoming third season of Sherlock, the PBS adaptation he co-created with Mark Gatiss.

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Jenna: 'What happens will change Doctor Who forever' Interview with 'What's on TV' [Spoilers]

Huge secrets about Clara and The Doctor will be revealed in the final episode of Doctor Who (Saturday 7pm). In an exclusive chat with What’s On TV, Jenna-Louise Coleman, who plays the Time Lord’s latest companion, explains what to be prepared for and about her experiences in the show so far…

You’ll have to click through to read the thing. It’s a little spoilery but not overly so.

Warwick Davis on Doctor Who, Porridge and the Cybermen - Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 (2013) - BBC One

Warwick Davis talks about his role on Doctor Who: Nightmare in Silver



DOCTOR WHO Inside Look: Fast Cybermen in “Nightmare in Silver” - BBC AMERICA

Watch an All New DOCTOR WHO INSIDE LOOK at “Nightmare in Silver” - featuring Exclusive Interviews with lead writer & executive producer STEVEN MOFFAT and star MATT SMITH. 

Hear from MATT about “what if the Doctor was a real evil dude,” and from STEVEN about having the Cybermen back: “Apart from that handle head, everything else is up for grabs.”


Behind the Scenes of Nightmare in Silver - Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 (2013)

Behind the scenes of Nightmare in Silver with Matt Smith, Neil Gaiman, Steven Moffat, and Jenna-Louise Coleman. Narrated by Richard Bacon.


Smith and Gaiman Introduce Nightmare in Silver

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I read that you were cast because you can speak faster than Matt Smith. Is that a talented that you just always had?

From Jenna’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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SFX: Neil Gaiman Talks Doctor Who And Cybermen

  • SFX:
    You grew up as a Doctor Who fan. What are your memories of the Cybermen?
  • Neil Gaiman:
    I think the first episode I ever saw was “The Moonbase”. That was the first time that I saw Cybermen, so I must have missed “The Tenth Planet”. I remember them coming out and taking the guy from the sickbay – in my memory, interestingly, they walked through the walls. And when I went back and looked at that bit years later I saw that no, they came through a door. And I wanted to get that kind of weird creepiness back to the Cybermen. I don’t think I’ve particularly succeeded, mostly because I got distracted by something else, and there was also a point where I said actually, we’ve seen those “Moonbase” ones. You can go back and look at them, there’s no point in doing that again. Let me try and do something else with it, in the same kind of way that Mark Gatiss approached the Ice Warriors.

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